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Congo Nile Trail Rwanda

TheCongo Nile divide trail is a spectacular multi-day trek that winds along the ridge that separates two of the world’s greatest river basins, the Congo and the Nile. The Rwanda and Burundi trails tend to be mountainous at some sections and the southern section of the trail which is basically the east of the Albertine rift valley. This challenging hike allows you to be part of the legend of the search for the source of the White Nile, taking in the stunning views of the wild wonders along the Congo Nile trail which goes via the lake Kivu, and the Nile River.

The trail can be done by biking, 4X4 car driving, or even walking and camping through the forest with the help of armed ranger guides.The Nyungwe forest trails run north and south through the heart of Nyungwe Forest National Park and separates the Congo and Nile basins. Rain that flows to through the west of the trails runs direct via Lake Kivu and Tanganyika into the mighty River Congo en-route the Atlantic ocean. Rain that falls inches away to the east, flows by way of Lake Victoria into the Nile en-route the Mediterranean sea.

Some great wildlife and plant species spotted in some sections of the Congo divide trail. About 129 mammal species have been reported,like the Chimpanzees, Owl faced monkeys, Colobous monkey plus the Angolan specie which has been reported too. Over 367 birds species reported like the Ruwenzori Turaco, Red-collared Mountain babblers and the famous Kivu ground thrush.